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Earn points writing measures. Exchange the points for deals or cash!

Studio members using Alearezzo to write original measures will earn studio credit they can exchange later for discounts, services, etc. From a new set of strings at special studio rates to entire instruments or even cash! Think of it like one of those classic fair ground games where you play for tickets, throwing a ring onto a bottle, then later you exchange the tickets for a prize hanging on the wall. Except in this game you write music. And instead of a teady bear you can choose from routine music needs like picks, strings, rosen, or maybe free music lessons, recording time, or just take the money(but you'll get a better deal with the studio inventory thanks to our sponsors).

As the Publishing Pool grows so does the influence of those who contribute measures that might get picked up by a songwriter through a unique arrangement. As other members draw measures form the pool influencer credits and reve share travel into the that piece of music as well. The word "influencer" is fitting given another songwriter might start off with one or more of your measures, but then change them significantly before publishing their music. Even these further developed measures will include a connection to the influencer's account continuing to earn points.

Sponsors provide a range of savings through items one can exchange for the points they've earned. As more sponsors join the network more gear and supplies become available. Or influencers can request a cash pay out once they reach certain threshholds of production to be distributed during regular studio cycles.

If you're interested in music lessons, recording sessions, sound production, scouting or talent management then please Contact The Studio.

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