Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Wanted To Know About Mountjoy Music Studio

What is Mountjoy Music Studio?

Mountjoy Music Studio is an independent music production facility in Preeceville, Saskatchewan. Offering a better relationship with a smaller audience.

How much are music lessons and recording sessions?

Adult classes are 1/2 hour at $15 and 1 hour at $25 and include music theory, practice and notation. Kids classes are 1 hour for $20 covering a simplified music primer, practice, and instrument specific tablature. 2 hour lessons for all ages are $50. Recording sessions are $25 per hour. 3 hour minimum.

When are music lessons available?

In person Music Lessons at the Preeceville studio are on Sundays and Mondays anywhere between 9am and 9pm. Contact the studio to arrange specific time, duration, and type of lesson.

What is Alearezzo?

Alearezzo is a web based musical notation software which a composer or player can use in any number of ways to find new melodies, mix them with harmonies and rhythm, then arrange them into original songs.

How Do You Get Onto A Show Line Up Or Play An Open Mic?

You have to contact the show runners an appropriate amount of time ahead of the event. You might have to audition. You might have to pay an entry fee; you may have to play.

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