Mountjoy Musical Showcase

Big Players Make Big Music

The Goal
To entice more musicians to sign the studio's Talent Agreement I want them to see themselves regularly playing music while 20 feet tall. I want them to see the potential I see... big players on a big stage playing big music!

The Idea
The musical showcase as a low cost opportunity for signed talent to present their studio content on the big screen. To introduce merchandise for a test audience. To provide a home venue for publication and presentation in a unique format well suited for big sound.

Signage in Yorkton near the Dairy Queen for Mountjoy Music Studio.


Signage in Yorkton near Dairy Queen for Mountjoy Music Studio.
With the massive success of Tayler Swift's "The Eras Tour" an interesting opportunity presented for AMC to distribute a compilation of the tour across theatres in over 100 different countries like a major movie release. With US$100-million in pre-sales this demonstrates the potential of a big screen, big sound format for musical performance.

Could this work in a more limited sense for smaller acts? What about entering a sponsorship deal with local movie theatres to regularly showcase studio talent on the big screen. Why not take advantage of low earning timezones in local theatres to broker deals putting on a regular showcase of musical talent? Sometimes we could charge ticket fees for really special stuff when we have concession and always offer merchandise for whoever shows each week. Family, friends, fans, scouts, producers, whoever. The rest of the time we experiment with test footage and mostly bring in the artists themselves to work on their music videos where the big screen in the background becomes a standard of the studio vibe producing video content for online publication. People on little screens paying money to see ads on videos showing little people in front of giants thredding on guitar.

If you're interested in music lessons, recording sessions, sound production, scouting or talent management then please Contact The Studio.

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The benefits of musical notation go far beyond playing the music.

Mountjoy Music Studio - A better relationship with a smaller audience.

A cool idea for a home venue for signed studio talent featuring a showcase of performances.

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