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How Can TM Help With Your Vision?

As it applies to your creative production talent management can't help you. If you need "guidance" in finding your best sound then you need an Associate Producer assigned to your project. Talent Management handles the big picture. Bugetary concerns, accounting, negotiation, image, market strategy, etc. Talent Management has no say in your music. Instead being entirely focused on getting you and/or your band earning the largest return possible within the limits of your creative preferences.

This means getting the quality of your performance to a sellable place. To record your original works and mix properly so pros actually listen for more than a few seconds when we send demos out to potential buyers. To properly format your songs for copyright. To register for royalty collection and radio play. To develop your branding, organize and present it consistently across all relevant platforms where we can earn income along the way that we can use to promote you and grow your audience. To find you gigs to play, an audience to love you, suits to want you.

What Else Does Talent Management Do?

A TM signs and develops talent, produces content, then sells distribution to the labels. Manages Associate Producers and Talent Scouts. Maintains the books, budgets, and legal framework covering the production and publishing of content. Negotiate deals. Set up shows. Arrange services and other talent as needed. Work within approved limits made in consultation with the talent and associate producers.

Talent Agreement (PDF)

Here's The Deal:

The broad stroke of this talent agreement is that I'll manage your career(the monthly budget you approve) for 20% of the take. So for every dollar you earn I take 20 cents. If you busk on a street corner and make $100 having nothing to do with me, I still want my $20. I'm not gonna chase you for it. You want me to have the $20 because you want me spending time on your career so you make more money. I want you to make more money because I can't make more money unless you make more money. And you'll get 80% of whatever is earned for any reason with your music. That's the deal.

Some Bonus Benefits:

1) I have a 2400 Sqft music studio that I spent $80,000 on materials for then did the labour myself so I have deep knowledge of the technical requirements for recording and I have skin in the game. This is a free resource for signed talent to use with their prefered producer/mix artists to work on their sound or fully record it.

2) Before starting my music company I spent almost 20 years running a software company in Regina so there is no technology or online service beyond me, or my ability to capitalize upon for your benefit. If you sign with me your entire online strategy will be handled for you. You'll have a website, and regular social media updates on your behalf so you don't have to worry about it. You'll also have access to proprietary composition software I've been working on for a few years which you might find useful, especially as it applies to musical notation.

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If you sign with Mountjoy Music Studio you get paid. For me to make more money I have to make you more money. That's a relationship you can rely on.

If you're signed with Mountjoy Music Studio then you can access your Members Only benefits.

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