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Is it possible for a music teacher to teach music on almost any instrument?

What's the secret? How can a music teacher teach music for an instrument they don't actually play? Can a student actually learn music on an instrument the teacher can't play? Yes! But, how do you avoid passing on bad habits? Enter the Mountjoy Musical Method. Developed over several years at Mountjoy Music Studio; applied to many students on many different kinds of instruments. Where a heavy focus on music theory, recording principles, and Alearezzo (our custom composition software), turns almost any instrument into a helpful tool for learning the ancient language of music. Both reading and composition. Not to mention the natural therapeutic effects.

As a universal language the music theory can be applied universally. Where a specific instrument enjoys unique elements the topics are covered in natural course using interesting excersizes from the studio's massive library of music books. With so much material already created by past maestros there's no secret we can't unlock if we try. If you want to understand the nature of the Universe, the nature of creation itself, then study music.

There's a reason Einstein discovered E=MC². He played violin. He could read and write musical notation. He understood music theory. He could conceptualize the Universe in keys, scales, melodies, harmonies, and rhythm. Just as the Universe is infinite so is musical potential, yet the system of music we employ today was designed by hundreds of geniuses over thousands of years to tackle this very problem.

How to constrain the infinite to the manageable. To understand something you must be able to hold the idea complete in your mind. Fluency in musical language gifts you this ability. It's as natural to apply it to the infinite realized potential that forms reality as it is to revealing the secret production inspired by the cooperative conflict of a concerto. Such are the benefits of musical fluency... ready and writing a language you perform.

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The benefits of musical notation go far beyond playing the music.

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