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They call it the media monster because it eats music books. It also writes about all kinds of interesting topics beyond music.

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As the head of my own studio I get the benefit of perspective. I watch and I learn and I think. Oh, do I think. So much. It never ends. Every moment of everyday I'm thinking. So I write it down sometimes, if just to get it off my mind for a while. When you have a thought that just won't go away then writing it down is the best solution I know. Here's a list of Medium articles I've written over recent years that earn a little extra money for the studio when medium members read them. Enjoy!

This Is How Much Joe Rogan Experience Made In A Year
Deep data for the most popular podcast in the world.

What if She’s Lore’s Daughter and Picard is Chasing the Wrong Android?
Lore was Data’s “evil” twin brother introduced in the 1988 episode Datalore.

Crawling The Intellectual Dark Web
How long have these people been incubating?

I Was Banned From Century Club For Defending J. K. Rowling
And it was worth it!

Calculus is a Utamaro Konaki-jiji
Repeat after me — All we need is Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry!

Fall Asleep Counting Quantum Sheep
Roger Penrose’s research on protein tubulars may have solved the oldest mystery of all. Why we’re here and what “here” really means.

D. Stone’s Legal Eagles Lay Golden Eggs
Blueprint for a top lawyer’s “A” game.

Innovative Atomic Is The Only Viable Solution To Climate Change
Clean, safe…affordable nuclear technology.

Capital Frontiers Of Science Using Archimedes’ Principle
Considering the all-to-real risks of Promethean adventurism.

Joe Pesci Brings Goodfellas To The Irishman
Undisputed all time best Oscar speech.

Sean Evans Ate This Many Hot Ones In One Year
Deep data for First We Feast’s hit podcast.

Mortality Is A Gift
This is the Secret of Styx.

Hevy Devy Is A Musical Astronaut
Composing music is even better than playing it which is even better than listening to it.

Limits Of The First Born
Protogenoi, Alexandrian Mouseion, and the Shrine of the Muses.

What I Remember Most About The Kids In The Hall
NEVER put salt in your eyes, don’t put… don’t… put salt… put salt in your eyes. Always put salt in your eyes! Ahhhhhhh!

Pooping On Everything With Triumph The Insult Dog
The most famous Yugoslavian Mountain Hound in the comedy kennel.

Tax Neutral: A Moral Solution For The Unvaxxed Who Are Tired Of Paying For Their Own Abuse
The gold standard in non-violent resistance applicable in almost any situation where the government oversteps its authority.

Les Grossman’s Bungle in the Jungle
A quick study of Hollywood’s most powerful mega mogul.

This Is What Top Movie Studios Make
A deep dive into movies and money.

The Impersonal Cruelty of 2nd Class Citizenship
How Crossroads Credit Union Betrayed Its Own Mandate and Why Big Banks Never Have To Face The Music.

Tim Pool Does A Video With A Verboten Tweet
If you want to take someone else’s production you should answer what is keeping you from building your own.

The Constitutional Wisdom Of Richard Dreyfuss
Why Civics MUST be taught in schools.

The Tractatus Trap
A picture of truth is always something less or more than.

Weird Al Lives On A Lonely Island
You can’t hug a rolling stone because it will crush you.

Indian Reconciliation In Buffalo
Just say No to separatism with a genuine alternative to Wexit.

Pierre Poilievre Says It’s NOT Just Inflation
Consistently on the right side of the issue; a truly Canadian leader.

A Portrait Of Painting From da Vinci To Hokusai And Magritte
The exquisite pleasure of mastering confusion.

Growing Forward Like A Musical Tree
Mistakes don’t feel great, but they’re not necessarily a bad thing.

Food Of The Gods (Novel In Progress)
An allegory for over consumption and the consequences on society and people.

The Magic Box
A forgotten masterpiece full of important lessons by K. E. Gherity, 1929.

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