The Not So Secret Society

I think it's time that people fall in love with the mystery again.

This is where the impulse to form the Not So Secret Society came from back in 2015. I needed a framework to engage developers who come from every race, gender, cultural experience, and those that are so unique they can only be described as Bob. The elite castaways that secretly make the world turn. I've streamlined the framework with my staff and active projects to facilitate a multi-threaded AND multi-geared development cycle.

(As I've expanded my involvement with other companies; my framework has evolved as well. Prime node is located at the Studio...or is it?)

For those that join our Not So Secret Society of programmers, code cutters, and producers; I offer a world of science, mystery, and problem solving. More importantly I offer the opportunity to participate in our shared dreams. A meritorious place where you can join projects and recruit other members to your cause; produce a boodle worth remembering.

There is so much more to this and I will continue to sprinkle hints and suggestions throughout my writing and programs. When granted opportunities to solve puzzles; the successful will gain access to secret doors. Behind these doors...live production. A vortex of manufacturing and design. Problems to help solve.

Puzzles might appear in any piece of content I release. In many ways the routine challenge is finding a puzzle to solve and the new door it releases. Sometimes a quick trivia question is all it takes; but they come in many forms. If you can't solve one...try another. Start by Playing Elemental Secrets to earn an online account and all the wonders that reveals!


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