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Every Measure Is Like A Single Stock Of Straw Waiting To Be Spun Into Gold By A Modern Arrangement.

A large collection of sheet music doesn't happen over night. It takes years of slowly accumulating used books at a reasonable price without bankrupting the studio with uncontrollable spending. Sometimes good music books can be found at thrift stores or garage sales. Part of the operating agenda of Mountjoy Music Studio is to collect as much sheet music as possible for use with students and in order to digitize the measures into our Publishing Pool.

Growing collection of sheet music at Mountjoy Music Studio.


Growing collection of sheet music at Mountjoy Music Studio.
Occasionally, a great local teacher like Sharon "Paulette" Namaka plays to the end of her song and she leaves behind boxes full of the sheet music she used for decades teaching hundreds of students. When word reaches the studio that her son is worried the paper will mold and decay in a garage before it's thrown out... well we wish everyone would reach out to the studio the way Ken Kohlert from Fuzztone Music did. We'll take the sheet music and other music books and apply them to our growing musical network including new students.

"Paulette attended grade school in Yorkton and continued her education with a music degree at Luther Collage in Regina. Paulette being naturally passionate about music from an early age, her parents gifted her a piano and that would become her most prized material possession. She not only played and practised her craft on an almost daily basis till the time of her sudden death, she even renovated her houses throughout her life to accommodate the beautiful instrument. Paulette passed on her musical legacy to many students in the Swan River Valley teaching piano. She was honoured and took great pride in passing on her musical talent and knowledge. She continued passing on her musical talent teaching piano in the Yorkton area for many years. She was also dedicated to the Saint Paul Lutheran Church in Yorkton where she shared her musical passion as one of the organists."

There are countless hand written notes in these books of immeasurable value (see what I did there?). And while we'll try to list as many as we can here over time... so these classics aren't entirely forgotten in the "internet age"... you really need to see them and handle them in person. You can't really capture the patina of life in a digital form. You can record the notes, but a real person has to play them if you want to hear the music. Thank you, Paullette, for all you did to support local music and for your wonderful books.

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