A Novel Pedagogy

A new kind of talent sharing program for music teachers.

In the spirit of musical collaboration, Mountjoy Music Studio has prepared this novel teacher sharing program to share local talent with other teachers, students, studios, and stores. We all want to make more music and we all want more people making music so it makes sense to share sources, those sources being a limited supply of students, teachers, and customers. In principal there is no conflict between any other teacher or studio and the unique offering by Mountjoy Music Studio through its Mountjoy Musical Method.

Our product focuses on the would-be-composer and recording artist through a general music education applied to whatever instrument of the student’s choosing. The focus is dominantly directed toward the musical notation applied to a creative process rather than supreme specialization in any particular instrument. Students develop basic to moderate skills at their instrument as it applies to playing the music they enjoy. There’s no specialist involved... no violinist with 40 years of playing experience... so price point is lower for the student during these more routine personal lessons.

For the specialist music teacher we offer the seminar. Regularly scheduled expert sessions organized as needed for a group of dedicated students. The fee is higher AND per student. A $$$ return more appropriate for a skilled musician teaching advanced knowledge in their craft to the more committed students. Wasting less of the teacher’s time and making more money makes sense for everyone.

Teachers currently employed/contracted at other organizations are encouraged to discuss with employers the idea of participating in this opportunity. We’ll collect and then redirect the teacher’s cut of fees for any seminars or general lessons to the associate studio to distribute internally as usual. During seminars/lessons branding’ll be displayed promoting associate studios. Referrals of general students from associate studios or independent teachers earns 10% of related student fees for the first year of lessons.

Mountjoy Music Studio will train any teachers willing to teach classes using the Mountjoy Musical Method. Additionally, trained teachers get access to the online studio tools (Alearezzo) for setting up web accounts and digitally documenting compositions written by students. Drop by the studio, 45 Betts Ave, Yorkton, to discuss. Thank you for considering this unique opportunity to do business with Mountjoy Music Studio! A better relationship with a smaller audience.

If you're interested in music lessons, recording sessions, sound production, scouting or talent management then please Contact The Studio.

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The benefits of musical notation go far beyond playing the music.

Mountjoy Music Studio - A better relationship with a smaller audience.

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