There's More Than One Kind Of Producer

I Want To Create A Path For Talent Scouts Who Bring In Talent To Stay Involved

If you know talented people looking for representation then please consider sending them my way. Talent Scouts can earn finder's fees and more discovering new music.


But there is a deeper level you might consider. While a Talent Scout enjoys a finder's fee, an Associate Producer gets a 25% cut of the Talent Management returns. Where I normally take 20%, instead I take %15 and you get 5% (See Talent Agreement for details on how Talent Management works).

Associate Producers act as secondaries to the Talent Management in so far as they can do anything I can do in my absence within the consulted budgetary restraints of the talent in question. However, they focus primarily on creative guidance and support during production. As a secondary, the hours are more flexible and the responsibilities/risk are representative of the TM, which means when the sh*t hits the fan I'll deal with it directly and as otherwise necessary. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in then become a Talent Scout and when you bring in talent we'll option you as an AP for your bounty.

If you're interested in music lessons, recording sessions, sound production, scouting or talent management then please Contact The Studio.

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The benefits of musical notation go far beyond playing the music.

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Talent Scouts and Associate Producers are a critical piece of the music maker puzzle at Mountjoy Music Studio.

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