Sam Parkin

Profiling Signed Talent At Mountjoy Music Studio.

Sam is a talented singer and guitarist currently working on building a band that can play an album's worth of his songs. An authentic style that calls to the days of The Doors when fast cars raced for pride and reputation on slick streets lit by fire and moonlight. His guitar licks will carry you across a personal soundscape of emotional discovery. A shared sense of that boundless creative potential that talented people see even as they're surounded by seemingly insurmountable resistance.

Unstoppable. Crawling ever closer. Dragging his dreams toward reality. When an opportunity to make music presents... even when a songman is exhausted from years of kicking rocks... he can rise to the occasion and finally succeed as big or bigger than he ever imagined before. That's when his best music gets made. You add a talented team backing up his artistic vision and the sky's the limit.

If you play guitar, bass, drums, or sing then reach out to the studio and mention your interest in possibly playing for Sam in studio. Studio rates for session musicians apply. Touring and other gig work negotiated on a case by case basis for unsigned talent as needed. Schedules provided by either Sam or an attached Associate Producer.

If you're interested in music lessons, recording sessions, sound production, scouting or talent management then please Contact The Studio.

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