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For studio members the Publishing Pool is the central tally of earnings related to completed works. For the studio, it's the source of all the content used to develop the music careers of signed talent. Song writers who contribute content to the Publishing Pool enjoy song writing credit on published works and a piece of earnings brought in by live performances, recordings, merchandise, etc, proportionate to any particular contribution to a final work.

The more high quality bars/measures you manage to get past the note verifier the more likely you'll influence a completed work and then earn a greater return. Anytime any songwriter fills a measure with something from the publishing pool another member of the network might benefit. The more you collaborate in this way the more you help talent all throughout the network make new music and get paid as much as possible for whatever gets used commercially.

Any musician can join Mountjoy Music Studio's production network to access Alearezzo's online tools to compose musical phrases, then organize these phrases into fresh arrangements. However, only signed studio talent can publish works to and earn from the publishing pool.

Next Generation Song Writers' Tools With Automatic Rights Protection

Associate earning rights are automatically tracked by Alearezzo, throughout composition, and are aligned in real time with current earning standards through the details of publication regarding any particular work. The very fact a work is allowed to be published means the software determined it was original enough to qualify for earning and payout as per the details of your signed Talent Agreement.

Mountjoy Music Studio is not responsible for any final work which may in fact be a deliberately plagarized copy of a work from an unsigned talent. If an artist violates both the website usage agreement and their talent agreement by plagerizing another artist's complete work then they won't be a signed artist long. If they figure out a new complete work using component pieces that other artists have made yet which can't be reasonably mistaken for another copyrighted work then cool! It's perfectly fair play to put in classic measures before another account gets to it and the note verifier for the database restricts them from earning on it. What isn't fairplay, is claiming someone else's completed work as your own.

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