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Nobody Ever Regretted Learning How To Play An Instrument

The very first student years agai was Samer Budd. How he's grown. "Music provides joy and meaning to the background track of our lives. You can hear it anywhere if you listen. Anyone can learn to sing or play an instrument. We all have a song inside of us. Whether it's just for fun or serious band practice, you just have to get started."

In person lessons at the Preeceville studio are on Sundays and Mondays anywhere between 9am and 9pm. Contact the studio to arrange specific time, duration, and type of lesson. Adult classes are 1/2 hour at $15 and 1 hour at $25 and include music theory, practice and notation. Kids classes are 1 hour for $20 covering a simplified music primer, practice, and instrument specific tablature. 2 hour lessons for all ages are $50.

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Music is a universal language you can learn how to read/write and play at Mountjoy Music Studio.

Mountjoy Music Studio has hot mics, quiet rooms, and the technical expertise to help you Record Your Sound.

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