Tools Of The Musical Trade Gathered Over The Years

It starts with a guitar and a mic... then another mic... more cable... some drums... some more mics... a mixer... some more mics... keyboard... more mics... more cable... more music stands... amps... electric violin... and so on. Most of the gear at Mountjoy Music Studio is bought at Saddles And Steel on Gladstone and Broadway in Yorkton. With a few special items here and there brought in as needed from a distant supplier. Not ashamed to say many a good instrument was bought at a local yard sale. If you're wondering how we hooked up with Garth at Saddles... well long story short he needed a website and online store he could run himself from his own server... now he has one.

Saddles And Steel is on Gladstone and Broadway in Yorkton.


Saddles And Steel is on Gladstone and Broadway in Yorkton.
The biggest ticket item bought out of town was the Gretsch Renown 57s (Drums) which were bought in Saskatoon off a guy who was expecting another kid soon and just didn't have the space for drums anymore. Got a great deal on these bad boys. And they have gotten a ton of use since being set up at Mountjoy Music Studio.

Ironically, when the Preeceville studio was first purchased it was expected to house a baby grand piano I thought I got a great deal on, but after months of renovation, expecting and looking forward to having it... the sale fell through when someone else offered more than twice my offered price. Even though a price had been accepted by the seller; no actual cash had exhanged hands so... lesson learned! Always pay up front if you can before some other savvy music lover snakes your deal!

But everything happens for a reason. So we pivot. Expand services. Create content. As we gather more instruments and even more equipment for our artists to make use of it'll get listed here. If you know what we use then you'll know what you can use, but of course, feel free to use what's available in your area.

If you're interested in music lessons, recording sessions, sound production, scouting or talent management then please Contact The Studio.

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