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Spittin' Bars On Twitter/X. The Creative Process.

Sometimes the muses are dancing in a tweet or two and you just have to follow them to wherever they lead you. So let's play. Here's a litte rap to brighten up your day.

Twitter really is an archive. The ancient scribes have digitized. Literary hyper drives. A lyrical Pennywise.


Spittin' bars on Twitter/X. Picture by Daanjoor.

Twitter really is an archive.

The ancient scribes have digitized.
On literary hyper drives.
A lyrical Pennywise.

Non-kinetiSpaceX It.
Engines separate. Elon Wasted.

Scene of the crime.
Israel takes Palestine.

Backtracks. Reruns.
Setups. Fist bumps.
Plastic cups. Paper straws.
Roll calls. Fuel dumps.

Press problems propagate.
Citigroup disintegrates.
Opinions taken as hate.
Freedom lost for safety's sake.

Stadium cathedrals for corporate churches.
Carbon taxes. Google searches.
Past mistakes. Today's receipts.
Losing our families to the elites.

So I dedicate to Pennywise.
Digitized by ancient scribes.
This Twitter archive.
On literary hyper drives.

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