Recording Sessions

Hot Mics And Expert Mixology Catch Your Best Take

With patience and experience you can catch the sound you hear in your mind. It just takes a professional touch to smooth out the rough waves. For those ready to go next level Mountjoy Music Studio offers hot mics, quite rooms, and the technical expertise to help you develop your sound.

And not just music, we can handle podcasts, lectures. advertisements for your business. Whatever you need. We do commercial sound and are always interested in exploring new ways to apply creative audio content.

Contact the studio to arrange specific time, duration for recording sessions. $50/hr minimum of three hours. Pay in cash at end of each lessons/session or use the studio's shopping page to send e-transfers.

But wait! Even if you're already recording content that doesn't mean you should say good-bye to music lessons! The learning never ends!


If you're interested in music lessons, recording sessions, sound production, scouting or talent management then please Contact The Studio.

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The benefits of musical notation go far beyond playing the music.

Mountjoy Music Studio - A better relationship with a smaller audience.

Music is a universal language you can learn how to read/write and play at Mountjoy Music Studio.

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