Benefits Of Understanding, Reading/Writing Musical Notation

It Goes Way Beyond Playing Music.

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A  creative process using musical notation can only add to whatever method you already use to make new music. Not only can you read the past works of others, but you can record every measure of creative production in a compact/functional form easily read by anyone fluent on any instrument. Imagine not being able to read or write the language you speak. That's why fluency in musical language is such a significant element of the Mountjoy Musical Method.

It's essential for sharing music with other players and songwriters. If you ever work on a single song with more than one person then it will save you a ton of time and money. If there's ever a dispute about the authorship of your music; having a datable piece of Sheet Music is a solid foundation on which to base your claim.

The more music you write into musical notation the larger your catalogue of Intellectual Property on which you can potentially make a commercial product from. Especially, with our proprietary Alearezzo technology which makes it as easy to track/protect written music as it typically is for any publisher trying to protect the content produced by a signed author.

Our Publishing Pool of musical measures, phrases, and arrangements optimally connect songwriters and content creators while tallying up credits and compensation for contributors. The talent who sign with Mountjoy Music Studio maintain a distinct advantage earning a return on several musical sidelines between Albums and tours.

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