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What's Better Than The Album Art We See On Old Record Covers?

We used to spend hours staring at the album covers, liners, and inserts included with an album while listening to the music. Too many seem to have forgotten the value of these classic form factors which are still more naturally accessible to content creators in a way that big technology typically isn't. Printed works still maintain a persistant association with the zeitgeist they represented when printed in a way that downloads and streaming don't seem to adequately capture.

Part of being a marketplace facilitating the exposure of lots of different music to a constantly changing audience often means unavoidably disconnecting any particular song from the larger group of work in which it was inspired. Without that broader intended context in which to enjoy any given artist's work the work itself can be misinterpreted.

Vinyl records contain a story through a group of music carefully selected by the music makers. You can't easily replace that kind of textured attention imprinted for all time. It's literally the next best thing to experiencing a live performance. Whenever a deal is to be had on vinyl records, Mountjoy Music Studio might be there. No Yorkton area garage sale can escape the hunt for new albums.

As our collection grows we'll list the most interesting albums here, judged purely by their cover, to inspire others to collect their own albums. A simple reminder of a great album with some great music can get old songs played again. Popular songs get on the radio and streaming sites and that pays out royalties to artists.

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