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Content Auto-Generation Isn't Creative Composition.

The fundamental difference in what qualifies as success in content auto-generation versus creative composition is that auto-generation is a trick of novelty rather than production. Best applied to basic research, content prep data formatting. Lists. Summaries and the like. When larger claims are made you can be sure the goal is to trick those experiencing it into thinking it's a "real good" investment. Where as with composition the realism is so obvious that the quality is judged by originality and the impressive achievement wrought through insightful suffering by the artist. A common standard other arists naturally respect even as they hesitate to appraise, in detail, each other's work.

With composition the artist is the compounding capital that each piece of art contributes to. With auto-generation every product is a derivative with no author to accumulate credit and no opportunity to build reputational wealth. Once we get past producing essentials the element that adds the most value beyond creativity... the capital backing the author's reputation... is suffering for their art. Beyond the subjective appraisal. Ten thousand hours. Something no machine can ever do.

A single stroke on an otherwise untouched canvas might be priceless depending on what was endured in it's making as the final result is often far less impressive than the story that produced it. So there is value in history. Value in accurate recordings of reality. Even if some don't see it. Value even in prompting and auto-generation, if for no other reason than the achievments of those who wrote the software, but it's severely limited. Far more so than optimistic intuition might suggest.

For non-essentials there isn't as much value in the availability of the supply, but if rare enough the risk of missing a knocking opportunity will attract buyers. Otherwise, a buyer can take their time. Wait for the right price, ignore entire product lines for no other reason than personal preference. The exception being something almost nobody can make with direct competitive value to something already holding market share.

Let's call this an upgrade. Much cooler than a prompt, because it's an already working solution, not just a proposal. It's not purely original, as it leverages previously established markets, so it's a derivative... but a potentially valuable derivative because the idea can sell immediately for a reliable return. However, it's probable whoever dominates the current market will find a way to take/buy the idea to apply it to their enterprise. Take for instance the recent changes at Youtube requiring content with AI sourced elements to identify themselves as such. A tacid admition that auto-generated content will occasionally have some value of its own, but not of the same caliber we see typically from our best human producers.

And finally, true auto-productive AI may be science fiction, but what's real is the political attempt to control the authorship of programs by ginning up AI fear so they can pass laws regulating programming like they regulate engineering and it will ultimately deter programmers from bothering to create new programs. For these reasons Mountjoy Music Studio prefers to create digital tools that support composers and songwriters without any AI generated content whatsoever.

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