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Welcome to my music studio! My name is Anthony Mountjoy.

Anthony Mountjoy is the founder of Mountjoy Music Studio.


Anthony Mountjoy is the founder of Mountjoy Music Studio.
Some people like secrets and many don't. I remember being taught as a child that I wasn't to keep them at all. Common sense from the ancestors designed to keep me out of trouble. Besides what could a child possibly know that a parent or guardian shouldn't also know. My confession: I kept almost everything I was doing secret.

The romance was in the longing not the happily ever after.

Of course for those of you that follow my story, you know that I started working on my first company, Asmoteknologies, when I was 19 and officially launched the company when I was 21 back in the turn of 2000. It's easy to take a risk when you have nothing to lose. Poverty makes a great incentive to build something. Anything at all is better than the alternative.

Over many years I've written and produced a vault of code and technology that I still use. When I closed Asmotek in 2016; I dedicated myself to building a publishing company with the studio head quarters in Preeveille I was going to be opening to the public in Spring 2019. Not long after opening a global pandemic undermined all my hard work and spending.

Couldn't have groups in the building for 2+ years! Had to pivot. Thus Mountjoy Music Studio was born. Teaching music lessons and doing recording sessions one on one to survive the plague. And it worked! So now there is no publishing company or technology company. Instead everything I made is being repurposed for Mountjoy Music Studio as I expand away from Preeceville toward Yorkton as a music company that uses it all.

I've had the privilege of working with so many wonderful people, and have grown in ways I never could have anticipated. I'd like to do more to provide that opportunity to others. Believe it or not, I'm not as smart as I thought I was and as I tackle greater challenges I feel my limits more and more. It's a great feeling!

If you're interested in music lessons, recording sessions, sound production, scouting or talent management then please Contact The Studio.

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The benefits of musical notation go far beyond playing the music.

Mountjoy Music Studio - A better relationship with a smaller audience.

Currently operating out of Yorkton, Saskatchewan at 45 Betts Ave.

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