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Saskatchewan, Canada | 4/13/2024 | 60631 Views

A Better Relationship With A Smaller Audience

Vinyl records sound better at Mountjoy Music Studio.


Vinyl records sound better at Mountjoy Music Studio.

From April 2 Onward We Are Operating Out Of
45 Betts, Yorkton

TXT: 306-737-3575

By Appointment

UPDATE: Documents are signed. Keys should be in my hand by April 2!

Check out my music review of Kanye West's latest album, Vultures 1, at Vultures Are So Valuable!

"Happy to announce I just signed an agreement to purchase 45 Betts ave in Yorkton. Assuming all goes as expected I'll be moving in April, 2024. With this bigger building comes bigger costs, but also bigger opportunity. This is the beginning of great things!

The down side is to keep costs down I'm closing the Preeceville location and possibly selling the building in the spring. Luckily, Yorkton isn't too far from Preeceville, so hopefully we see most of the old class in the new studio!" - Tony Mountjoy

The new location for Mountjoy Music Studio at 7 Broadway Street West, Yorkton, SK is up and running! Reach out if you're in Yorkton looking for lessons, production, or just want to stop by the office for a visit.

If you're a music influencer, student, or signed talent then you might be looking for the member portal. Click here to Login to your account with full access to Alearezzo, our propriatory digital platform for songwriters.

Ready for some Musical Therapy? At Mountjoy Music Studio you can get the creative support, music services and technology you need to build then protect a thriving music career or just learn to love music. In the meantime, check out these performance tips!

Did you know anybody from anywhere can discover a great sound? It's true! Maybe you're into spittin' bars! Did you just write a new song? Maybe, you're a modern Mozart, Beethoven... Zappa, Hendrix, Rich, or some undiscovered jazz prodigy?

Got an interesting idea you think we can make into a music video? Wanna get on YoutubeMusic or Spotify? Convert your songs to mp3? Get listed on your favourite music downloader. From lessons and recording sessions to production and talent management, in a world of emerging auto-generation, we can make a plan that works for you and your music.

First we learn how to play music, then read music, then write original music. We perform our music for a live audience, then record the most suitable songs for distribution on various platforms. Associate producers package and promote the product. Talent management oversees the monthly budget; registers the music for royalties and radio play making sure everyone gets paid along the way.

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Mountjoy Musical Showcase

A big part of the music business is sponsorship. Both for the artists and the businesses that associate with their work. The sponsors get access to a reliable promotional platform with wide demo exposure. For new artists the sponsors are a source of cheaper or even free gear, for experienced road musicians, the sponsors are merchandising partners and investors. For the studio they're a way to keep hard costs down working with limited cash from monthly expense budgets that are never enough. In the hopes of enticing new talent to sign while finding ways to involve sponsors an intersting idea popped into my head. Let's see if we can make something happen.

Marketplace Of Musical Phrases

Imagine a songwriter's Publishing Pool where you can trade musical phrases the way you might trade narratives with a fellow writer or search through little protected pieces other artists have catalogued hoping someone would make better use of them. How much better would your music be if you could collaborate with other signed musicians by choosing to model or embed previously written musical segments waiting to be used in a full song.

Once published the system automatically restricts the use of applied phrases, keeps track of proportional share of publishing rights, and ultimately collects the income and distributes the profit to the related parties. This is one of the many benefits of signing the talent agreement, using Alearezzo to write/manage songs for publication.

Get Signed; Get Paid.

If you're a song writer or otherwise musical content maker consider reading The Pitch, contact the studio to discuss then sign the Mountjoy Music Studio talent agreement.

Join a mysterious group of digitally connected content creators under a single profitable legal framework that protects your interests and gets you paid from multiple sources. Enjoy scheduling privileged access to the physical studio and equipment in Preeceville, Saskatchewan, where you can record at cost, mix, and produce in person with other signed artists.

Alearezzo - Web Based Music Composition And Collaboration [Exclusive]

Composers the world over have wished for years they could use a simple web based tool for musical notation... they crawl the internet hoping to find something competitive with their favourite desktop app, but available anywhere. A fruitless search later and you conclude the inevitable! That it doesn't exist! Well now it does. Alearezzo is a modern publishing solution for songwriters. To find out what all the fuss is about you just have to sign a Talent or Scout/Producer agreement with Mountjoy Music Studio.

If you're interested in music lessons, recording sessions, sound production, scouting or talent management then please Contact The Studio.

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The benefits of musical notation go far beyond playing the music.

Mountjoy Music Studio - A better relationship with a smaller audience.

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