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Front door of Mountjoy Music Studio. A Better Relationship With A Smaller Audience

At Mountjoy Music Studio in Preeceville you can get the creative music services you need to build a thriving music career. From lessons and recording sessions to production and talent management.

First you'll learn how to play music, then read music, then write original music. You'll perform your music for a live audience, then record the most suitable songs for distribution on various platforms. Associate producers will package and promote your product. Talent management will register your music for royalties and radio play making sure you get paid along the way.

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Get Signed; Get Paid.

If you're a song writer or otherwise musical content maker consider sending me a demo (Snail Mail, please and thank you. Do NOT send me digital copies!) and read The Pitch.

Alearezzo: Music Composition Software [Exclusive]

Composers the world over have wished for years they could use a simple web based tool for musical notation... they crawl the internet hoping to find something competitive with their favourite desktop app, but available anywhere. A fruitless search later and you conclude the inevitable! That it doesn't exist! Well now it does. Login For Member Benefits to find out what all the fuss is about. Invite only. To get yours you just have to ask really nicely... or sign with the studio.

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Mountjoy Music Studio is an independent music production facility in Preeceville, Saskatchewan owned and operated by Anthony Mountjoy.

Take your musical technology game up a notch with Allearezzo.

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